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Digital Portable Devices Trending Among Fitness Enthusiasts

Miscellaneous | 27 October 2023

Fitness enthusiasts need to check their progress in real time, all the time. And what better way than to use digital portable devices?

Digital portable devices are designed to measure body temperature, growth, weight and many other characteristics as we wear them. They are light in weight, durable and carry out various analyses simultaneously. Two such favourite devices among fitness freaks across all ages and walks of life are the pedometer and passometer.

Pedometer and Passometer are used for recording different body movements with accuracy. They come in various shapes and sizes. Below are some important properties of both the devices.

Pedometer and its advantages
  • 1. This device measures distance by automatically detecting the number of steps taken by the person.
  • 2. It is best used when worn vertically.
  • 3. This device is easily affordable and is very convenient to use.
Passometer and its advantages
  • 1. It is a pocket-sized, watch-shaped instrument and is used for calculating the total number of paces / steps.
  • 2. It records the number of steps automatically and body motion operates the mechanism of this device.
  • 3. It has the best accuracy when worn vertically.
  • 4. The device is easily affordable and is user-friendly too.

Gradually these portable devices are replacing the need for weighing machines and other instruments that are big enough to be carried around everywhere. One more use of digital devices is that one can also measure the blood sugar level anytime anywhere and control their diets accordingly. Portability and easy user experience are two reasons why these devices are here to stay on demand.

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