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General Safety Measures to Boost Construction without Casualties

For Civil Engineers | 27 October 2023

Safety precautions are important in any task which involves heavy machinery and humans. Construction is a risky project and no matter how advanced technology has become, inadequate safety measures have often resulted in fatalities.

Take the situation in Australia for example. Undercover reports suggest that the country has lost about 3,414 people to electric shocks, underneath big machines and inside elevators at construction sites. All of these can be minimised with proper vigilance. Let’s take a keen note on some of the technological gadgets that have helped in this process.


This remote-controlled innovation can fly anywhere and give complete data of wherever it surveys across the construction site. Uncrewed aerial vehicles used in the venture inspect remote, dangerous places to be wholly visualised and checked before the employees are sent to work


Smartphones have revolutionised communication and can boost coordination among employees and get the job done on time. Among many popular apps in use now, one such app is Equipchat which helps retain the efficiency of the equipment by constant inspection and enhance the performance of the employees.

Improvised procedures of construction

Scary and complicated construction processes such as welding can harm anybody if done without necessary safety precautions. Thanks to technology, Modified Short Circuit or Pulsed MIG readily help employees with better output in a protected environment during welding.

Cloud computing

Storing data with the help of the internet has its significance. It would readily help one to store data of employees safely without leakage.


Smart helmet measures the pulse, body temperature and can even track the danger associated with a task, thus giving much more safety than plain headgear for workers.

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