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Top 4 Tips for aspirants to succeed in Engineering

For Civil Engineers | 27 October 2023

Building mud houses during childhood was fun. But if the knack for building blocks remains in your high school days, it implies you have a natural talent towards engineering.

Having said that, having a degree in civil engineering alone won’t suffice nowadays. On-field experience is more important than theoretical knowledge. Here are four useful tips for aspiring engineers like you to succeed in this field.

1. Research, learn, repeat

Engineering is a vast, developing field. So limiting your knowledge to college curricula will only take you as far as graduation. Once done with academic qualification, research about the additional sections of its domain to increase knowledge.

This research will help you choose specific fields in engineering easily in future.

2. Gain Practical Experience

Let’s face it. Practical experience is more important than academia when it comes to employment opportunities. Hence, you can join an internship to experience real-life projects.

Nowadays, there are a lot of opportunities for civil engineers to volunteer in overseas projects. Not only will this experience strengthen your CV but will also face the ground reality.

Build Your Network and Follow a Mentor

Discussion with seniors in this field always helps as you’ll be guided sensibly in the domain. Welcome insights from anyone; be it your relative, your friend or someone senior. Try to consult with the guide and prevent yourself from taking wrong decisions.

Build a Professional Profile on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn profile can help you meet with professionals in this domain. Your profile will resemble your resume online, through which people will reach you.

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