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Konstrukt Professional Award

Residential (Plotted)

With a significant shift in interest being observed in the space of plotted developments, Konstrukt looks forward to recognising and rewarding new projects in the segment of individual and independent constructions. Through this platform deserving projects will get a wider exposure and greater appreciation for the modernisation, flexibility, bespoke designs and sense of community with which these projects are constructed.

If you are a plotted residential developer here’s your chance to make your designs speak, skills shine, and Konstrukt homes that are divine!

Residential (Group Housing)

Imagine if your group housing project was to get awarded among the top 5 residential group housing projects in Eastern India, sounds fascinating right! Well, Konstrukt is here to reward the best group housing developments delivering exceptional projects in the space of real-estate that are safe, high-quality, cost-efficient and sustainable.

This is a great opportunity for the developers of housing societies and gated communities to get their extraordinary constructions recognised, rewarded and celebrated at a domestic and regional level.

Commercial / Industrial

In appreciation of the rapidly evolving commercial real-estate landscape, Konstrukt encourages and recognises the outstanding achievers of our community who have made an impact on the commercial real-estate industry. These include projects like offices, industrial plants, retail outlets, multi-family constructions, healthcare facilities and hotels.

By bringing together architects, civil engineers, property developers, general contractors, and design professionals under one roof, Konstrukt recognises the biggest, best and the most notable projects of the year. This is a great platform to show-case market leadership in the field of real-estate on a regional level.

Leisure / Recreational

This category recognises all the remarkable constructions in the space of recreational land use like theme parks,water parks, botanical gardens, theatres, state and national parks, swimming pools to name a few. Each of these leisure/recreational projects have a unique-selling point and Konstrukt works towards identifying and rewarding the same.

The whole prospect of taking a barren land and transforming it into something new in terms of design, aesthetic, technology controlled and innovation perspective, is what differentiates these landmark constructions from other projects.

Public / Institutional

A dynamic country like India has diverse construction needs, and institutional constructions are one among them. This category of awards is directed towards companies, experienced architects and civil engineers who have contributed to the public/institutional construction value chain through projects like the building of temples, churches, religious shrines, student activity centres among others.

Konstrukt through its award and recognition platform will celebrate the monumental and deserving projects in the sphere of institutional construction, and applaud their quality excellence and excellence in execution.

Infrastructure / Structural Innovation

The fast paced infrastructure landscape today is rapidly evolving, and aiding this transformation are a group of thought leaders and innovators. Powered by digital transformation these complex projects are a true testimony of India’s Civil Architectural excellence. Railway bridges, over-arch decks over railway bridges, global innovation centres, experience centres are some of the noteworthy examples in this segment.

Konstrukt will reward all such iconic innovations and constructions, to improve, expand and scale-up the ongoing developments.

Restoration / Conservation

True restoration requires patience, subtlety, skill and grace. In due acknowledgement of the same Konstrukt works towards honouring the milestone projects in the field of restoration architecture/engineering. Projects that have gone beyond technical restoration and aimed at conserving the philosophy to encompass the social and natural realms of the establishment. Saluting this approach towards civil restoration and conservation, Konstrukt will enthuse, encourage and empower these brilliant minds to restore and conserve projects in a manner that balances community well-being, nature conservation as well as sustainable economic development.

Green Projects

Konstrukt’s Green Project Award is segmented for those experienced and sustainability conscious construction professionals whose vision, leadership, and commitment have been instrumental in bringing about a revolution in the green building industry. The award helps companies, individuals and professionals get recognised for their efforts, design intelligence and strategic thinking. Efforts that are applied towards protecting and enhancing the environment by using sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials and combining them with smart technologies to make these constructions, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, resource intensive and future ready.

Konstrukt Student Award

Research Work

Through Konstrukt, 3rd and 4th year students from both leading and sub-urban institutions across India are encouraged to share, discuss and validate their research work among pioneers and stalwarts from the industry.

The idea is to help the students gather insights about the needs of the real world, develop the capability to identify, assess and collate technical information, and find a platform where their work is valued, acknowledged and duly rewarded. The external validation boosts their self-efficacy and lauds their content knowledge and analytical skills.

Design Work

With a vision to showcase, uphold and promote the exceptional architectural talent around India, Konstrukt looks forward to celebrating architectural design excellence and innovation.

To regard the true value of art and science of architecture in enriching our lives, Konstrukt rewards the greatest talent across the fields of architectural design, landscape, and interior design. A jury of highly esteemed judges, industry professionals, and academics honour those who push the boundaries, set new limits, inspire others and truly turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

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