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Vision & Mission

Empowering & Encouraging the Growth Drivers

Infrastructure and Architecture are the two universally acknowledged key drivers of India’s growth. A growth that is primarily driven by the sharp, futuristic and intuitive engineers of our country. Bringing forth respect, recognition, and honour to these great Engineers of our country is Konstrukt 3.0.

Through Konstrukt we wish to acknowledge the unheralded super-achievers from the field of design and infrastructure and to celebrate the diversity of their talent, knowledge, dexterity and brilliance.

What is Konstrukt?

Supporting Talent-Saluting Innovation

Talent today is the most important asset for any business, it is a top priority for 77% of the CEOs. It is the guiding factor and the key towards securing a competitive advantage in the era of ever evolving changes, challenges and transformation. Swaying along with this rapid transformation and bringing in a welcome change in the world of talent recognition is SRMB Steel.

Fuelled by the vision to appreciate and acknowledge both professional engineers, students, budding and flourishing designers, innovators, and architects SRMB Steel has started a novel initiative-Konstrukt 3.0 to honour the noteworthy projects and contributions of these achievers through a recognised platform. The third edition of Konstrukt promises to bring forth greater opportunities for showcasing talent,sharing knowledge, demonstrating analytical thinking, and meeting the who’s who of the structural engineering and architectural fraternity in a manner more organised, and magnanimous than ever before.

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About-Konstrukt Award

Konstrukting Marvels-Kurating Rewards

Scientists study the world as it is, Engineers create the world that has never been seen’’- TheoDore Von Karmant. Elon Musk had once said that Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world. Notching up the power of this magic a step higher is Konstrukt 3.0- Eastern India’s most awaited and coveted award ceremony that brings together talent, skill, knowledge, innovation, and thought leadership from the remotest corners of the various districts across each state. Konstrukt 3.0 is back and this time we are even bigger, better, grander and all set to identify, invite, inspire, and felicitate all the rising and shining achievers by the stalwarts and pioneers from the industry and leading Engineering and design institutions. Think More. Do More & Konstrukt more winning marvels!

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