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Construction Materials Trending In 2020

About Construction Industry | 27 October 2023

Technology changes with time. The construction industry has also embraced technology to fit in quality requirements and shorter project deadlines. Here are some of the innovative modern construction materials used today.

1. Durable concrete

This is a strength-driven variety of the concrete used for construction. It is graded up to M80 and is heavily used in high-rise buildings in India. Durable concrete also reduces the repair, maintenance and replacement costs.

Many public bridges and roads are being built with durable concrete to prevent premature deterioration, which may spike renovation costs that may cross the original cost of building the project.

2. Mineral Admixtures

Once the necessity for durable concrete in construction purposes was noticed, the whole composition of concrete underwent several additions for increased efficiency. Traditional concrete consisted of three to four materials that included water, cement, sand and aggregates, but, durable concrete is made up of six or more materials in right proportional to make it more durable and cost-effective.

Low water to cement ratio in durable concrete results in reduced size and volume of the capillary voids in concrete, which helps prevent micro-cracking causing faster deterioration of structure.

Fly ash: Fly ash is a refuse of thermal power stations. This by-product is produced in bulk and are neither disposable nor utilised. It’s useful as a mineral admixture.

However, this innovative construction material needs to be processed first and then used as an admixture.

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