Ar. Saibal Sen

Ar. Saibal Sen passed B.Arch with 1st Class from BENGAL ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Sibpur, Howrah (Then under CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY & presently BENGAL ENGINEERING & SCIENCE UNIVERSITY) and passed M.Arch (Urban Design) with 1st Class from JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY, KOLKATA.

The qualification of Ar. Saibal Sen is self-explanatory but if a line has to be drawn about professional proficiency it directs to the generation of ideas transforming into forms from an unparallel and uncompromising passion of creation generated from heart towards the subject.

Ar.Saibal Sen is a follower of radical advancement but rooted to treasured inheritance and heritage and believes in practicing Architecture responsive to the cause and environment.

Since the days of professional grooming the Architect or the Urban Designer in himself always focused on practicing his skill with Kolkata. Against all odds, he is fully confident of curving out a niche for MICROSPACE through its constant endeavor towards delivering quality and statement by judicious juxtaposition of spaces and a strong art-form in its creation, supportive to its precincts or microenvironment.

His was a professor of architecture at SAR College of Architecture, Vijayawada for six months in 2004. He won the confidence of the students through his innovative way of teaching and psychological understanding of their temperament.

But the practicing Architect in him was becoming rest-less and eventually he established MICROSPACE in 2005 with a sole Associate. Since then the journey has changed gears accumulating speed. Today MICROSPACE has got its own new office at a prime location in Kolkata pillared on eleven supportive Associates.