Ar. Anindya Basu

Ar. Anindya Basu started his career as team member for the design of the national award-winning resort project at Fort Radisson, Raichak-on-sea that is acknowledged as a turn-of-the century milestone for the tourism & hospitality sector of West Bengal.

A winner of several design awards at student & professional level, he is presently the Vice-Chairman Secretary and has been the Secretary of the Kolkata Chapter of The Institute of Indian Interior Designers (2010-2016), Executive Committee member of The Indian Institute of Architects (2000-2002), as well as visiting faculty to the Department of Architecture at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. A member of Indian National Trust for Art and Conservation of Heritage (INTACH), he is also impaneled in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation as conservation expert of historic buildings.

Anindya Basu & Associates is an award-winning firm providing services in the fields of architecture, urban planning and building conservation. The firm’s portfolio includes: master planning of campus with ecologically sustainable, ‘green’ building approach, public institutions, galleries, museums and cultural buildings and hotels and buildings in tourism & hospitality segment among many others.

As creative director & partner of DBA PARTNERS (a consortium of 3 architects), his proposal on renovation & up gradation of The Indian Museum at Kolkata was selected by the Museum’s Vision Committee on a national level as part of its Bicentennial Vision 2014 project. Since 2011, the firm is collaborating with INTACH and THE STATE MUSEUM OF BERLIN on conservation of ACHARYA BHAVAN, a science heritage museum inside the residence of Sir J C Bose, India’s pioneering scientist.

In his leisure time, he is an avid artist and illustrator (contributing to Satyajit Ray’s children’s magazine ‘Sandesh’), classical musician, keen photographer, and a die-hard traveller.