Er. Anjan Kumar Roy

Er. Anjan Kumar Roy was born and received school level education at Darjeeling. The European architectural heritage and culture along with the natural beauty of the famous hill station had a profound influence on the personality and thinking at his tender age. His father being a professor in a local college he had the opportunity to be brought-up within a community of high intellectual credential. During his earlier years in school he was more into painting and sketching than his schoolwork and primarily he wanted to join a fine arts school and become an artist. But as he grew-up his association with his mathematics teacher and increased exposure to modern science encouraged and helped him to peep into the beautiful, rhythmic and orderly world of mathematics and physics, and as a result the young man could realize the inherent beauty present in the apparently monochrome and charmless world of science.

After finishing school education , though he could manage to secure a seat in the Architecture course of IIT Kharagpur , his destiny prompted him to choose Civil Engineering at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. But his inclination, love and passion for the creative world never ceased to exist . During his tenure at Jadavpur University , his association with the fellow students of Architecture enlightened enriched and educated him and encouraged him to be convinced that he had at-least some ability to conceive and produce meaningful lines shapes and forms on paper which could culminate into a design of practical value. Encouraged thus he decided to leave Development Consultants Ltd. Kolkata after two years service as Design Engineer which had joined immediately after his graduation, and restart as a freelance Structural Engineer to earn his living and simultaneously test his deign ability in a tiny Studio he established to fulfill his long cherished dream of roaming through the alleys of the wonderful world of Architecture. Today after twenty-six years of relentless journey through the domain of space and forms he has a number of project of different use and volume in his portfolio. However , he is always conscious about his limitations in the field of Architecture owing to the fact that he does not have a formal training in the subject of architecture. He thankfully acknowledges for whatever little knowledge and enlightenment he could amass from work and philosophy of numerous architects, designers and traditional artists and artisans striving to create a pleasant built environment all around.