Revisiting the Architectural Marvels of Bengal

West Bengal is well-known for its visually appealing architectural style. From the terracotta style of the temples at Bishnupur to the majestic grandeur of the bridges in Kolkata, West Bengal is a treasure trove of architectural delights. Let’s take a look at a few impressive architectural marvels of the state:

  1. Hazarduari, Murshidabad

Located in Murshidabad, the former capital of Bengal, this grand palace was built by famous architect McLeod Duncan. This is a magnificent three-storied rectangular structure, located just in the middle of sprawling gardens covering an area of 41 acres; Hazarduari is a perfect example of the Indo-European style of architecture. The flight of stairs leading to the palace has total 37 steps of stone. The lowermost step is almost 108 feet long. It has total eight galleries and 114 rooms. The name “Hazarduari” literally translates to a palace with “Thousand doors.” However, only 900 out of 1000 are said to be real.

2. Madan Mohana Temple, Bishnupur

Bishnupur is famous its terracotta temples. During the 17th century, the Malla Kings, who were Vaishnavaits, built these terracotta temples in Bishnupur. Madan Mohana Temple was built in 1694 by Durjan Singh. This temple has an Ek-Ratna or one-tower architectural style. This was the simplest form of architectural style having a base structure that resembles the char-chala or four-sided temple style. It has a triple-arched do-chala or two-sided gateway. This style of architecture arose during the 17th century in Bengal.

3. Dakshineshwar Temple

Built in the traditional Nine Spires or Nava-Ratna style of architecture, this massive temple was established by Rani Rashmoni in 1855. This style of architecture was much prevalent during that time. This is a three-storeyed temple standing high on a platform with stairs. The height of this temple is over 100 feet. It house twelve identical Shiva temples that faces east. These are built in the aat-chala style of Bengal architecture.

These places will give you a glimpse of the unique architectural style of Bengal. This also showcases the importance of architects and the engineers in enriching the state with such majestic structures. And to honour them and bring them to the forefront, SRMB Kontrukt has taken this initiative for acknowledging the architects and engineers by giving away awards for engineers and for architects. The primary aim of SRMB Konstrukt is to recognise the engineers and architects and bring them to the limelight.