Revisiting the Architectural Marvels of Bengal- Part 2

There are a number of places in West Bengal that are notable both in terms of historical and architectural aspect. Let’s take a look at the architectural marvels of the state:

1. St. Paul’s Cathedral

Erected in1847 by architect William Nairn Forbes along with C.K Robinson, St. Paul’s Cathedral is the best example of Gothic Revival architectural style.  Under the patronage of the Marquess of Hastings, William Forbes began planning the design and style of the cathedral as early as 1819. The unique design of the cathedral includes two frescoes resembling the Florentine Renaissance style and three beautifully stained glass windows. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kolkata.

2. Raj Bhavan

Known as the Government house during the colonial era, Raj Bhavan was built in 1803 by architect Charles Wyatt. The design of the majestic building resembles the Curzon’s expansive mansion of Kedleston Hall of Derbyshire. It follows a neo-classical style of architecture with baroque overtones. Surrounded by a compound stretching over an area of 27 acres, the Raj Bhavan is spread over an area of 84,000 square feet. The magnificent building stands tall in the heart of the city as a stunning reminiscence of British colonial rule in India.

3. Kolkata Town Hall

Built by British architect Colonel John Garstin in 1813, the Kolkata Town Hall resembles a Roman-Doric style of architecture. This building was erected to provide the British people residing in India for social gathering. The British East India Company used this place for organising state functions. The cost of construction for this building was raised through a lottery.

4. Writers’ Building

This grand structure was designed in 1777 by Thomas Lyon and resembles a Greco-Roman style of architecture. William Fredric Woodington sculpted the statues adorning the building in 1883. This beautiful building in Kolkata is one of the most amazing testaments of the classic European style of architecture. This massive structure was actually erected to serve as a government agency for the East India Company.

These massive structures are famous for their architectural beauty and grandeur. This signifies the immense importance of engineers and architects in enriching and beautifying the land. And that is why SRMB Konstrukt salutes the innovation and creativity of engineers and architects. Konstrukt 2.0 is a unique architect and engineer awards ceremony in West Bengal that honours excellence and the unique contribution of engineers and architects. For more details visit

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