Modern Materials Used for the Modern Construction Industry

In the generation of every-growing and prospering technology, the construction industry also embraces technology to play a very significant role in the modern methods of construction. The modern methods are way better than the old and traditional construction methods. With improvements the construction applications can be performed in less amount of time, also promoting development. Here are some of the innovative materials that are used for construction purposes today.

Durable concrete: the concrete designs used for the construction purposes strength driven. The concrete that has a grade up to M80 is usually used the most in India for construction of the high-rise buildings. Durable concretes are experiencing a great amount of demand in the recent years as the repairing, maintenance and replacement costs required needs to be avoided. More the durability of the concrete, the lesser will be the costs of repairing or maintaining the building once built. There are a great number of public bridges, roads and more are being built with durable concrete to prevent premature deterioration, which could result in repair and renovation that could rise to an amount more than the original cost of building the project.

Mineral Admixtures: Once the necessity for durable concrete in construction purposes was noticed, the whole composition of concrete had to undergo several changes for making more effective concrete. The traditional concrete consisted of three to four materials that included water, cement, sand and aggregates, but, durable concrete is made up of six or more materials in right proportional to make it more durable and cost-effective. Low water to cement ratio in the durable concrete results in the reduced size and volume of the capillary voids that are always present in the concrete, which helps in preventing micro-cracking of the concrete. When both the cement and water are reduced in the mixture and mineral admixtures are blended in, the concrete has lesser micro cracks that could lead to faster deterioration. Thus, there is an increase in the durability of the concrete in a very cost-effective manner.

Fly ash: fly ash is the undesirable by-product that is found in the thermal power stations. This by-product is produced in very large amounts that are neither disposable nor utilised. This residue from the thermal power stations is useful for construction purposes when used as a mineral admixture. The material first needs to be processed before it is considered to be fit for being used as an admixture.

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