Conclave of Konstrukt 2.0

The journey of Konstrukt took off with the technical conclave sessions which were organised in 5 cities across West Bengal – Kolkata, Durgapur, Siliguri, Malda & Kharagpur. The main objective of Conclave is to spread awareness on constructional practices, procedures, scopes and the importance of architecture. The Conclave was also a platform for spreading awareness about Konstrukt and inspire exceptionally talented civil engineers and architects to take part in the competition.

The Conclave highlighted the contributions of architects and civil engineering designing & creating structures which have stood the test of time and are highly advanced in terms of designing & technology. The sessions also provided the opportunity to the young engineers and architects to listen to some of the big names in the industry and get doubts cleared regarding various concepts of engineering and architecture. They got insights about the industry’s recent trends and scopes and where it is heading in the coming future. The theme topic for the Conclave was Global Aspiration, Local Application.


Konstrukt 1.0 was a resounding success as more than 300 civil engineers and architects from West Bengal demonstrated their work. The success of the event was the primary reason behind the introduction of Konstrukt Conclave, the technical sessions.

The purpose of Konstrukt Conclave is to create awareness among the civil engineers and architects, and also it gives an opportunity to students to interact with the industry stalwarts.

How was it conducted?

Konstrukt Conclave was organized in five major cities of West Bengal, where in eminent personalities from the field of Architecture and Civil Engineering spoke on the Topic “Global Aspiration, Local Application”.

The Konstrukt Conclave was held in the following cities:

The speakers from the Architectural field were:

The speakers from the Civil Engineering field were:

The moderators were:


The participants enjoyed the sessions and described them as informative, insightful, interactive, and inspiring. The speakers were thrilled to share their ideas with the participants who came from different parts of the state.