Which are the Best Career Options for Civil Engineering Students?

By 2020, India needs as many as 40 lakh professionals in the domain of Civil Engineering. If you are a student of Civil Engineering, this is likely to be music to your ears. A career in this field is challenging, but with proper specialization and appropriate skills, you can surely make it big. Find out about 7 amazing career paths for Indian students of Civil Engineering.

Construction Materials Engineering

The construction industry is emerging rapidly, and requires engineers who are experts in construction technologies and materials. This field typically attracts students who are skilled in materials maintenance and development. The industry likes to have graduates having knowledge about various construction materials and having the capacity to adopt latest technologies.

Civil Engineering Design:

They are responsible for drafting and modeling of a Civil Engineering project with SAFE, Revit Architecture, ETABS, STAAD Pro and other software programs. Most Indian firms prefer students having expertise in these software programs.

Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineers have to consider the behavior of vehicles and people and accordingly design various transportation systems. With rail and road construction projects expected to witness two times more growth in employment by 2022, more students can take up this profession.

Construction Engineering

The construction industry is estimated to have major growth in the coming years and will contribute a lot to the Indian GDP. For Civil Engineering graduates, this sector has wonderful employment prospects and career opportunities.


Those interested in land surveying and having a love for mathematics can be a surveying professional. Students having experience in field surveying and skilled in survey data analysis can have more chances to bag a job. They should also possess field experience that is a necessary experience with Total Station equipment, which is favored by the industry.

Construction Management

This is the most lucrative career option in Civil Engineering. Relevant field experience, proficiency in MS Project, Primavera and other software tools and basic project management skills are the skills most necessary for success in Construction Management. In the absence of a Construction Project Manager, no work can be done in a proper way. This explains why it comes with a high pay package.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

This is a promising technology and offers a 3D digital interface to aid in building design. BIM has been accepted widely in developed nations. This is a workable career option, as it will soon turn into an industry standard.

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