The biggest Architecture and Civil Engineering award of West Bengal, KONSTRUKT unveiled itself on the first Sunday of Feb 2016. An ensemble of the eminent personalities from the industry along with the chairman of HIDCO, Mr. Debashish Sen took place at The Park Hotel, Kolkata for the grand launch of KONSTRUKT presented by SRMB, supported by Indian Institute of Architects and executed by Orion Communications.

KONSTRUKT is the first of its kind award in the state. It’d go through every lane of West Bengal to search out the cream of the cream talents in Architecture and Civil Engineering. Renowned architects like J.P.Agarwal and Dulal Mukherjee stated this award to be a land-marking revolution in the field of Engineering. According to the professionals this particular award will sketch on the architecture and civil engineering industry into a whole new blue-print of success and innovation.

Mr. Debashish Sen being the chief guest of the unveiling event, stated that the Government shall look forward to the young talents of Bengal, in re-designing and reshaping the structure of the developing Bengal. He also said that this award will seed in the deep roots of inspiration among the professionals as well as the students of Architecture and Civil Engineering.


With the launch of KONSTRUKT, the industry is seeing new lights of hope in design innovation and eye- catching structure construction heralding across the landscape of West Bengal. KONSTRUKT not only will acclaim talents but nurture innovation of the talented engineers, dedicated to engineer the new heights of West Bengal.



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